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    Papers to be Scheduled in Future Issues

    • Distributed Data-centric Adaptive Sampling for Cyber-Physical Systems
      Lee, Eun Kyung; Viswanathan, Hariharasudhan; Pompili, Dario

    • Multiagent Reinforcement Social Learning towards Coordination in Cooperative Multiagent Systems
      HAO, JIANYE; Leung, Ho-fung; Ming, Zhong

    • AutoPlacer: Scalable Self-Tuning Data Placement in Distributed Key-value Stores
      Paiva, Joao; Ruivo, Pedro; Rodrigues, Luis; Romano, Paolo

    • A Support System for Clustering Data Streams with a Variable Number of Clusters
      Silva, Jonathan; Hruschka, Eduardo

    • Multi-Cloud Provisioning and Load Distribution for Three-Tier Applications
      Grozev, Nikolay; Buyya, Rajkumar

    • Distributive Justice for Self-Organised Common-Pool Resource Management
      Pitt, Jeremy; Busquets, Didac; Macbeth, Sam

    • An Intelligent Agent for Bilateral Negotiation with Unknown Opponents in Continuous-time Domains
      Chen, Siqi; Weiss, Gerhard

    • The Complexity of Adding Multitolerance
      Chen, Jingshu; Ebnenasir, Ali; Kulkarni, Sandeep

    • Adaptive Resource Provisioning for Virtualized Servers Using Kalman Filters
      Kalyvianaki, Evangelia; Charalambous, Themistoklis; Hand, Steven

    • Transactional Auto Scaler: Elastic Scaling of Replicated In-Memory Transactional Data Grids
      Didona, Diego; Romano, Paolo; Peluso, Sebastiano; Quaglia, Francesco

    • Best ACM SAC papers on coordination and self-adaptation
      Fernandez-Marquez, Jose; Viroli, Mirko; Castelli, Gabriella

    • Improving the Effectiveness of Testing Pervasive Software via Context Diversity
      Wang, Huai; Chan, Wing Kwong; Tse, T.H.

    • Programming Urban-area Applications by Exploiting Public Transportation
      Harnie, Dries; Gonzalez Boix, Elisa; D'Hondt, Theo; De Mauter, Wolfgang

    • A formal approach to autonomic systems programming: The SCEL Language
      De Nicola, Rocco; Loreti, Michele; Pugliese, Rosario; Tiezzi, Francesco

    • Towards language-level support for self-adaptive software
      Salvaneschi, Guido; Ghezzi, Carlo; Pradella, Matteo

    • A Safety Engineering Framework for Open Adaptive Systems
      Schneider, Daniel; Trapp, Mario