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Aims and Scope

Editorial Information


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    General Domains

    • Autonomic Computing and Communication
    • Multi-Agent Systems
    • Self-organizing Computing Systems and Swarm Intelligence
    • Pervasive and Mobile Computing
    • Sensor Networks
    • Cooperative Robotics
    • P2P Computing
    • Distributed Services and Systems
    • Social and Urban Computing Systems
    • Web and Participatory Systems
    • Applications for Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

    Non-Exhaustive List of Topics

    • Foundational models of autonomous and adaptive behaviors
    • Complex systems and networks
    • Networking models and techniques for autonomous and adaptive systems
    • Nature-inspired techniques
    • Self-* properties
    • Adaptive algorithms
    • Data and Information Management
    • Operating systems and middleware for autonomous and adaptive systems
    • Software Engineering Approaches and Methodologies
    • Programming approaches and techniques
    • Context-awareness and Semantics
    • Social sensing and social analysis
    • Learning & Prediction
    • Analytic Models of Emergent Behavior